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Writing: Music as Inspiration

"Music is something that can inspire you to achieve great things".

Hello, good day to you too. I am here to tell you that you if you don´t like music you are a very peculiar person. Not judging just...shocked.

Since early days, in history or in life, humans were drawn to sound and music. I truly believe that we were created to create. This is one of the reasons I love to write. And I also believe that the reason we create music is because it is something necessary to us.

As someone that can´t really focus or work with other people in the same space I need my headphones. Otherwise I would just be a sad puddle of "I don´t know, the blank page just keeps staring at me and people are too loud". Music allows me to get into a bubble, my bubble. A creative one.

But the power of it its the emotion that it encapsulates and it translates. It is magical. Haven´t you sometime got chills from a particular music? Well that is something that often happens to me.

"Music's ability to contain emotion is one of the key concepts in which I have found to prove that music is truly inspiring and can give regular people the confidence and effort needed to become their own inspiration". - Michael Gormley

I truly feel happy when I chose the write with music. I truly feel in a creative mindset when listening to a dark fantasy playlist. Sometimes this is the thing that takes me out of my writer´s block. It just involves you into another world. It is magnificent.

As some of you know I am currently in my last year of a journalism degree and for my final project I am writing articles about creativity. One of those is about how places and music can induce people to create and how that happens. From my interviews I can say that some people are compelled by it ,other are just null to it.

The type of music, the time of the day they hear it or even the place where they hear it affects its effectiveness quite literally. For me classical music is amazing, but it needs to be aggressive (agitato) like Chopin. Otherwise I will be bored or not pumped enough to write.

The book The Music Instinct: How music works and why can´t do without it by Phillip Ball explains in depth why music is such an important step in creation, not only in writing but literally everything.

"Some composers, such as the medieval German abbess Hildegard of Bigen, have regarded their melodies as the products of inspiration channelled from mystical and divine sources" (Ball 2010).

In a much more personal reasoning I would like to share how much music changed my approach to writing. I am one true creator when it come to fearing failure. It just immobilises me half of the time. And I owe music to unlock my brain whenever fear is just a bit too much.

Music literally makes me forget why I am scared of writing.

And I want to know if I am the only one, comment down bellow!

But then what kind of music is key for my troubles? Well I have a specific Spotify list that I will make public so that all of you can access it.

Remember that I am very unique in my music and that my writing is somewhat a dark process that gives a dark result, meaning that I mostly listen to things that pumped me to write these type of things.

Here is my playlist: HERE



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