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Gift Options for Writers

The holidays are coming and it is time to give your favourite writer the perfect gift.

This is a compile list that will help you with that task.

You see, writers are creatures of stories and so your gift should be aimed at that personality trait. I believe that any of this gifts will salute any type of fellow writer and make you see like the tasteful friend or foe that you are



Writers ’s need their tools to survive the ways of novelising. And one of the best ones is the software scrivener.

This is a programme that makes life easy for every type of writer but beware to ask someone close to the person if the writer in question is already armed with this weapon.

Scrivener is around £39.95 being a little discounted for students as well.

For an even better surprise complement this gift with some writing goodies like candles or tea. Or even a cute card.

Discover here more about it.


I cannot tell you how annoying it is to writing on a laptop for many hours straight and pause for a brief moment just because your arms hurt.

YES I am talking about the mark that your laptop corner leaves in your arm and YES it hurt.

Also, being cold in winter is a very awful thing and nobody should go for it, even more while writing.

So no better than writing gloves that have the quotes from famous books.

Just make sure to know the person colour of choice and favourite books.

Discover here more where to buy them.


If you are a writer you will be a reader and so a good book is always a must in a list like this.

This is the book that I believe that every creative person should consume.

It will not only boost your writer friend inspiration as will make them feel appreciated with such a special gift.

Big magic is very adaptable and it will suit almost everyone that loves to writer from amateurs to professionals.


Writers are creatives and so bullet journals is normally a safe bet.

Bullet journals are specific journals that are made for a personal planner, normally with dots and a cute cover.

Here are my favourite ones which are not only amazing for writers as for artists as well because of its quality and 160msg paper.


Maybe this is a more directed to novelist like me.

But one of my dream gifts would be to get artworks that were inspired by my stories and I am pretty sure that a lot of writers would love that too.

Find a good artist and ask for a quote. Now you just need a way to get the description of the character/place from the story without anyone looking.



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Happy readings.



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