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top 5 Reader struggles

Have you been asked to stop reading in a public place before?

or maybe you ran out of space in your bookshelves, again?

Well I have and being a reader for a big part of my life I have some struggles that I know that my fellow comrades will relate too.

Here are my top 5 reader struggles and solution for them just for a spice of fun:

1. Too many books to read

This comes to no surprise. There are just too many books in the world too read and things like Goodreads and Amazon and cute little corner bookshops just make it a tiny bit difficult to say no to a new book haul. And then suddenly you have 1000 new books to read and 3000 on your amazon list and another 2000 in your Goodreads "want to read" list. And there is not much for you to do but just stare at them and be in an eternal limbo while choosing your next pick.

Oh how well do I know the struggle....but I also know the solution. Hear me out.

Think of books like more than books. They are stories and stories were meant to be read. It is your only choice to not like a book after picking it up. And so remember that stories are precious and that there is a limited space in your mind for them. Now, is it worth to spend time picking a book? or reading a book that doesn't vibe with you?

Before buying read into the excerpt. And ask yourself what is the percentage of liking that book AT THAT TIME. Tastes change, evolve. Maybe in the moment that story is just not for you. Let it go. Move on and read something else. If it is worthy of your time it will come back to your mind. and also, accept that you will never read all the books. Sadly.

2.Reading slump

Oh yeah, this is 1000% the worst. I hate when suddenly I am just hit with a random reading slump. and I just don´t feel like reading. Imagine that! I am a book reviewer and a beta reader and sometimes I don't want to read. and it just kills me.

Getting out of one of these times is hard. I mean sometimes it takes months to feeling like the reader you are again. But one of the things that I learned is to take your time. Pick another genre or something that you blind to the content. and just drive yourself to the comforts of books again. Slowly and steady.

And no, for every non-reader out there: Reader aren't superheroes that read very fast or that are always with their nose in a story. Some of us have down times, most of us actually. and the reading fast part is just a side effect of delighting in books.

3.Book hangover

This is my most frequent headache. I have this is all of the books that I finish and it is painful. A book hangover is when you finish a book and then you just cannot move on to another because you heart and mind and probably soul is still in your latest book and you ARE JUST UNABLE TO MOVE ON.

I am this person. I need at least two to three days before starting to read another book. Which is typical not an option because I need to read a lot of books fast and at the same time be really immersed in the story so I can deliver the best reviews. But boy it is excruciating to peel myself from the end of a story just because it ended. I want more. I need more and I not going to let it drown by forsaking it with another book. It is a betrayal.

Reading a book that you know will give you book hangover is even worst. Because you try to make a slow ending, reading over some days or hours to soften the blow but NON it does not work. You will still be hangover and it will suck.

Unfortunately I have no tip to spare you. I am still learning how to hide from this fate myself. Will let you know my discoveries when I have some.

4. Spoiling yourself with the next page

I am also very guilty of this deed. I am a sucker to glancing over to the next page and reading just a sentence or word and then BAM you just spoiled yourself. It is so frustrating! Why would anyone do this?

I guess it speaks to the curiosity to the human race. I mean I mostly do this when a character is about to die or kiss and I have to know the future faster than I can read it. So i just read ahead without even thinking about it.

It really is an unconscious mind, at least for me.

But there is a simple way to stop this struggle which is using a book light. Yes those one that are on sale on wish. The ones that can clamp into the top of the novel and where you re-direct the light to. Just make the next page pitch black or dark enough that you brain will pick up on itself before you actually reading something ahead.

5.People understanding that you are reading and are not to be disturbed






Do you mind just letting me finish PLEASE? just please. LET. ME. BE.

Books are an escape route for some many humans why can´t the other realise that? I really cannot comprehend why would you bother someone when they are a book on their hands. It is like a sacred moment.

And if the person reading actually replies to you and is clearly annoyed maybe, just maybe, don´t continue the conversation? I mean just maybe. I guess.

Can we make this happen guys? Or is it that hard?

Being interrupted while in another world is an attention call that nobody asked for. And to be completely honest I do think it is almost limiting with disrespect, even more when the person is a stranger.

And yes this has happen to me before. In several occasions as a matter of fact both by strangers or friends. And it is never a good experience. Sometimes it is not that a big of a deal but the problem is that IT CAN BE and the only person that can say that is the person reading not the person chit-chating. So just to be safe don't interrupt anyone okay?


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Happy readings.

Hopefully alone.



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