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Best and worst books of 2019.

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Finally 2019 is coming to an end and with it a list of the best and worst books of the year.

Have in mind that this is my opinion only, enjoy.

top 5 best books of 2019

1.starless sea by erin morgenstern

Did I told you how much I love this book?

This novel is breathtaking, and for me the best read of 2019. Unfortunately it is not the type of story for everyone. It took me a while to get into but once I did I fell in love with the characters and with the setting of the story.

You can count on a lot of books and cats and gay goodness and raw romance and mystery that can fill your heart for months with a dash of a magical world with a honey ocean. Death and sadness and well as past and future.

This is my best description of it, I swear.

Also, it just makes me feel smart because it is immensely complex. and I mean I understood it. Just saying.

REVIEW: here


2.gods of jade and shadow by silvia moreno-garcia

In the romance category this is my number one of 2019. I just felt so fuzzy and warm while reading this book.

But the true pearl of the story is its roots with the mayan history. This novel tells a story about a girl that one day gets drawn to a quest with the Lord of death, while they become friends, they live a journey thought Mexico in the 1920's jazz age.

It is fun and immersive and just cute. But not only, the end ended my heart. I still feel the pain.

REVIEW: here


3.starsight by brandon sanderson

Oh my god. I adore Spensa.

I am not going to say much about this book because my review of it is still to come (Friday!) but I can say that it was one of my most anticipated books and that it rose up to my expectations.

This novel is the second on a Sci-fi trilogy (I believe) where our main character is a girl that lost her father ,and everyone believes that he is coward of war, and she lives in this planet where humans hide underground to protect themselves from alien attacks. There is also a romance and a cute A.I and pilot school.

Yes this is the only Sci-fi that I enjoy in 2019. Yes I do not regret it. And yes, Starsight is better than Skyward.

It is Brandon Sanderson, I mean.


4.queen of nothing by holly black

The ending of a series. The ending of Jude and Cardan and the book that changed my view of dark high fantasy.

Queen of nothing is the last book on the Folk of Air trilogy. and the one that made me re-read the whole thing and love it.

You will be presented with steamy romance between too very strong characters which are not only sassy but also funny, there is going to be Cardan. End. That is everything you will need.

No, but for real if you are reading this book you are already in love with this story.

So, even if it is not the best of the three books I still gave it a special place.

REVIEW: here


5.ninth house by leigh bardugo

This was by no mean the best book by Leigh Bardugo.

But I still think it deserves a spot on the list ,mostly ,for its idea of a story.

I have a lot of problems with this one but I think that it is unique and very well written. The magic system is amazing and there is really no other book, that I know of, like this one in the market.

Ghost and occult magic mixed with a murder mystery, a sexy bastard called Darlington, a survivor called Alex and a LOT of dark blood magic all meeting at Yale University and its secret societies.

It is good. Could be best. BUT still good

REVIEW: here


top 5 worst books of 2019

1.the beautiful by Renée Ahdieh

It is a lie. There are no vampires just hormonal human teenagers. It is not supernatural it is mystery.

The end.

Do not read it. Characters are praised for being murders and men are bashed like nobody business. It is that kind of "feminism". Oh not all men, not the pretty sexy ones. Indeed that is a piece of reality.

I hate myself for keep reading this book.

REVIEW: here


2.carve the mark BY VERONICA ROTH

This was my first ever DNF. I really tried to finish it but I could not.

It was extremely boring and disappointing. I went into this book expecting a lot more coming that this author wrote the Divergent series which back in the day was one of my favourite.

But this one was a miss. I just didn't connect with the characters or any of the story and I gave it past the middle point but still...I had to let it go.



This was a story that I read really early in the year. Like January early and to be honest when writing up this list I chose this one because I only remember how much I hated it.

It was forgettable and weirdly written and the ending was too predictable. and I sure that I only finished it because at the time I was stuck with it on an airplane.

This is my friends a case of me choosing a book by its cover.



I remember when this book was just a book and not a movie and I miss those times.

Look I know that it is on me for picking this up but I was in a reading slump and I wanted to just read something spicy and fluffy to get me out. and a Youtuber mentioned this as being her favourite books so I, dumb me, tried it.

Oh God why? This is the most cringy book I ever read. It is so badly written, even for fanfic which it is. And I am still shocked at how the hell this turned into a movie.

Do. Not. Read and Do. Not. Watch.

Bad Bad Bad and not even sexy.



Ah such a disappointment this was.

I though that I enjoyed this book while reading it but as days gathered and I examine my memories I realised that there is so many wrong things with it.

But by no means it is comparable to the ones up above. I just really had a good reading year and this book happen to be one of the worst.

Truly there was good things about it but as I remember it I can only think of how one of the characters was abusing to the other and how flat the whole story felt.

Sorry not Sorry.



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